Cute and Affordable Plus Size Swimwear

I have to say,  I am absolutely loving how much Walmart has improved through out the years in terms of their Plus Size Swimwear. As alot of you know I recently moved to the middle of nowhere lol literally and I decided I would pay a visit to my new local Walmart to see if they even had any Plus Size Swimwear. To my surprise this little teeny tiny Walmart had the cutest Plus Size Bikinis. I could not resist but to try them on and see what they looked like, the fit and price. I was pleasantly surprised. So here are the ones I found at my local Walmart, however I did want to mention that the actual website also have a vast and much larger selection of Plus Size Swimwear. Hope you guys are loving these finds as much as I did. For Referece all of these Tankini tops were a size 2X-3X and the bottoms were a 20/22. Super stretchy and very true to size. Links above the pics available if you are interested in trying these looks. Happy Spring!

                                                    Plus Size Tribal Print Tankini

                                                    Ruffle Skirted Bikini Bottom
                                                    Peekaboo Tankini Top


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