The Perfect Plus Size Jeans

So I have been in search of the perfect plus size jeans for what seems like the longest time, so I decided to take a look at some of Torrid's Plus Size Jeans and Jeggings and I was pleasantly surprised, at what a great quality they offer for jeans. lucky for me I came across their jeans during their semi-annual sale. So I was able to find their jeans at a super affordable price. As you know I'm always in search of a good bargain, and I definitely wanted to share with you guys what I found. If you are like me and you love a good quality pair of jeans, at a great price,  then I would definitely recommend the Torrid Skinny jeans. I also attempted to try on a pair of their jeggings in Black, but I did notice that the jeggings were a lot tighter especially around the waist. Even though they were the same exact size as the skinny jeans. So if you're going to try the jeggings, I would highly recommend that you size up. But I am absolutely loving this pair of skinny jeans in medium wash. I think I finally found my absolute favorite pair of jeans. Happy shopping!!
Torrid Jeggings in Black:

Black Floral Top:

Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash:

Purple Floral Top: