Plus Size Leggings You Absolutely Need in your Wardrobe

So first off I'll start off by saying that as a Plus Size Female I have had my fair share of Hall of shame moments when it comes to leggings. I've had that moment where the inside of my thighs just rub together a little too much and my leggings end up with a big hole right in my inner thighs, in public. On numerous occasions I have had to run home due to a giant hole in my thigh due to poor quality leggings that easily ripped at the most unnecessary times. I also had that moment that many of us fat chicks have where you're at the store, minding your own business and a complete stranger usually a female, comes and pulls your top down over your butt only to tell you "your panties are showing" yep I've had that moment happen just one too many times. While I could easily tell the stranger to mind her own business and let me live my best life, my need to find a good pair of quality leggings was an even bigger and more urgent issue. I love everything about leggings.

The comfort, how easy it is to just pull on a pair of leggings and cute top and how quickly you can throw an outfit together at the last minute with them. So my never-ending search for the perfect pair of leggings came to a halt this year when I came across the highly recommended Torrid Leggings . The first thing I noticed is the absolutely excellent quality of these leggings. They were so true to size and I decided to try these in a size 3 Torrid. Next, I noticed that they had a wider waist band than the typical pair of leggings which offered amazing tummy support for me. This alone was my selling point because I feel so supported in them. The fabric is alot thicker and there is no having to worry about them ripping in your thighs while you are out and about. The price was a little higher than what I'm used to paying for leggings but I was estatic when I was able to find all of these on clearance at Torrid.

 I will say the all black leggings pictured here were a tiny bit more see through than I like but nothing that a bit longer top can't fix. In comparison to other leggings, the black pairs see through factor was minimal.  Also the printed and polka dot leggings had no see through issues whatsoever making for my absolute favorite pair of leggings. I believe all of these were under $10 on sale ladies so now is the time to stock up if you love leggings as such as I do. I will link them under each picture. In closing, Torrid leggings are the absolute best quality pair of leggings I have ever tried.