Stylish and Extremely Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Let's face it, many of us are on fixed incomes or tight budgets these days. We want our clothing to be great quality but also affordable and budget friendly. I am a firm believer in the thought that we should not have to sacrifice style or quality for paying less for clothing. And I am so thrilled to let you guys in on my best kept secret for finding super affordable brand name Plus Size Clothing for really low costs. And that my lovelies is with Poshmark. I can honestly say that Poshmark has been an absolute life saver for me when it comes to buying cute yet affordable Plus Size clothes. So Poshmark is an app where you can purchase or sell your new or used clothing, and even better you can make offers to sellers towards any outfit you may be interested in buying. The best part is that there are tons of Plus Size Brand names on there. So as you know I'm a huge fan of Torrid, and let me tell you so far I have purchased 4 Torrid Dresses from Poshmark all for under $10 each. If you are familiar with Torrid Dresses, you know they range anywhere from 40 dollars or more. I absolutely love shopping and finding great deals on the app and right now if you sign up with my code NORAIMATORRES32 , you will get $10 towards your purchase. So what's not to love about this awesome service that allows us Plus Size ladies to still wear cute clothing and not break the bank? I'm hooked! And I know you will be too. This picture is my latest find from Poshmark. Ladies this dress is originally from Torrid and I purchased this beautiful Plus size skater dress for $7! Can you believe that? I absolutely love this dress and I truly think Poshmark is a great way to start building an amazing wardrobe while staying within your budget. Happy shopping!