Spooktakular Plus Size Halloween Costumes 🎃🖤🎃

It's officially Spooky Season! And most definitely one of my absolute favorite times of the year. It's time to have a little more fun, enjoy the cooler Fall weather, watch some Spooky movies and most importantly Halloween! Throughout the years I have always enjoyed Halloween but not so much the Plus Size Halloween Costumes our local stores would have available for us. But fortunately, times have definitely changed and there is an absolute abundance of pretty amazing Plus Size Halloween Costumes right at our fingertips! So I decided to put together a few of my favorites for this Halloween and I think you may fall in love with them as much as I did.

 I'm so excited and there's just something about Halloween that makes me feel as Happy as a kid again. It's great to never lose that feeling. With that being said I hope you love these costumes as much as I did, many of them range in prices and also sizes I even found a few gems up to a size 5/6x so I wanted to make this an all inclusive list. All Costumes will be linked below the pics and I hope you have a Spooktakular Halloween!