Where To Shop For Affordable Plus Size Swimwear

With Summer almost here, I bet you are wondering where you can find a decent quality swimsuit without having to spend a fortune. Let me just tell you I am pleasantly surprised at the swimsuits Plus Size websites have brought for this Summer. When looking for a swimsuit if you are like me, you look for comfort, quality and price. I am always looking for a great quality swimsuit to last a couple of years. I don't swim much during the Summer but if you do, this list I have put together for you could be your Summer Swimsuit saving grace. I found not only super affordable swimsuits, but some really beautiful pieces as well. Each of these will have you ready to get some Sunshine and enjoy your Summer knowing that you are wearing a suit that is great quality and you did not have to break the bank. 

These Swimsuits at Amazon I found to be not only cute as ever, but also really affordably priced. I was surprised that sizing was also more inclusive in these suits as a few of them carried up to a size 5X


Shein has some really cute swimsuits. I would say with Shein to size up. For the most part their swimwear seems to be a bit more on the junior Plus Size category so I would always check reviews and size up if you can. I have been surprised though because some stretchy pieces tend to fit quite well with Shein. 


The thing I love the most about Target Swimsuits is that the quality tends to be slightly better than your typical fast fashion. They also tend to be more true to Plus Sizes. I am absolutely loving the trendier pieces Target is bringing to their Plus Size Swimsuit Collection. Many of these are available up to a size 26 which is great. 


There was just something so stunning about the prints of these Swimsuits that I could not help but share with you guys. These are some of the prettiest swimsuits I have seen online. I was also surprised that these were under $60. Asos is also known to be pretty true to size when it comes to swimwear. 

Well I hope you guys loved these swimsuits just as much as I did. Hopefully you can catch a few of these in stock at the great prices I found. This just goes to show that you can find awesome swimwear at super affordable prices and live your best Fat Babe Summer!! 


  1. Oooh! I love all of these different places to shop for swimwear! Love that more brands have gorgeous swimsuits for all body types. Target is even stepping it up too! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    1. thank you so much! Yes Target is really stepping things up i'm so happy about that too.


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