Find Your Perfect Plus Size Style With Dia & Co

When it comes to building my Plus Size wardrobe, there are some key things I look for in clothing I pick out. The most important for me is comfort. I absolutely have to feel comfortable in everything I wear and not feel like my body is being constricted in any way while going about my day to day. 

Another thing that is highly important on the list is quality. I need a quality piece that will last me for years to come and not break down as soon as I wash it. Comfort and quality are the top two things I seek in any clothing I wear. 

 Along with those very important requirements, I ask myself if an item makes me feel beautiful and confident while I'm wearing it. And I'm happy to report that there is a brand that absolutely embodies all of these things I seek when shopping for my own clothing and that is Dia & Co.  If you are not familiar with Dia & Co they are an absolutely size inclusive Plus Size Styling service that caters to larger sizes. 

As far as quality goes Dia & Co is in my humble opinion the number one place to go when looking for excellent quality Plus Size pieces. Their jeans have been hands down the best fitting plus sized jeans I have ever worn. 

        Dia & Co allows you the opportunity to work directly with a stylist who can help you select clothing that fits your personal preference and needs. Dia & Co also offers a subcription box service in which you can have a stylist curate a box for you on a monthly or quarterly basis, based on your style preferences.

 When you sign up for Dia & Co , you get the chance to fill out a form with your style preferences and sizing. The stylist selects up to 5 pieces based on those preferences and may even throw in a couple of fun suggestions here and there to add some flair to your wardrobe.

 It's so much fun to experiment with new styles and it really gives you an opportunity to play with pieces and have fun with fashion again. Fashion should always be this fun. 

Dia & Co embodies that. Dia & Co recently sent me a few pieces to show you all and I thought it would be so fun to put this together so you can see for yourselves how stunning these pieces are and how well they fit true Plus Sized bodies. So these are my picks but just know that there is so much to choose from and so many different styles available on their site. My hope is that I can at least bring you some style inspiration and maybe show you just how fun fashion can be.

 Here are my favorite pieces of this season and if you are interested in trying out the service for yourself you can check them out here: Dia & Co styling service

I hope you all love these pieces just as much as I do and be sure to follow me on Youtube down below to see me try them on and an in depth review.