Must Have Plus Size Halloween Styles ft. Unique Vintage's Creepy Collection

 So Halloween is right around the corner and for all of us Spooky fat babes you know it's our time to shine! Whether it's to go out and have a fun Halloween night out or just have a chill time taking selfies and eating all the Halloween candies and watching all the scary movies, you are going to look super cute in any of these styles I found from Unique Vintage  Creepy Collection. This is a rather new brand for me but omg they are hands down a new favorite.

 I saw lot's of Plus Size's up to a 5x. These pieces are so adorable and so perfect for Spooky Season I swear you will want to do all the fun Halloween things in them! So obviously I couldn't put every single thing in the blog but I wanted to show the ones that stood out the most and are just **Chef's kiss** 

So I hope you love these Plus Size Halloween Styles as much as I do, as usual everything is linked under each pic. Let's kick off Spooky Season with a bang! I would love to hear what your favorite styles were in the comments below. I had no idea there was one place where you could literally find all the Halloween looks and let me tell you, Unique Vintage did not disappoint!

Ok so how cute are these leggings!! They are so perfect for cozy nights in!! I can't even. 

 Ok so these are some awesome accessories and shoes I found that are so perfect to pair with any of these Halloween styles. 

                                                      Black Leatherette Spiderweb Bow Heels 


                                                  Orange Leatherette Pumpkin Lydia Flats