8 Spooky Season Films That Are Actually Awesome


Halloween is upon us my friends and if you know anything about me, I freaking love Spooky Season with all my Spooky Fat Babe Heart. There is absolutely nothing better than celebrating Halloween with an awesome collection of Horror movies and Thrillers to kick off Halloween with a bang. I am an old school girl at heart, but I have also found some really awesome and more recent movies that I just know you will love. So I wanted to share with you my top 8 Spooky Season films that are actually awesome.

 Like seriously awesome. I hope you love these as much as I do and I hope you have an amazing Halloween and considering the state of the world right now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying home in some cute Halloween pajamas, stocking up on some Halloween candy, and watching some seriously awesome spooky films. I totally got you covered babe.

 Let's make this the best Halloween in the comfort of our own homes or your friends and Let's get Spooky!! All links will be above each pic as usual babes and as you know anytime you use my links I may earn a tiny commission as an Amazon affiliate. Also the best part is that all of these are available on Amazon prime so you can totally get these with super fast shipping before Halloween. 



The ultimate 90's classic, Scream is absolutely hands down a must have for Halloween. It has an awesome cast, funny, spooky and just an awesome storyline all around. Hands down Scream is a Halloween favorite of mine and a movie that many of us will always hold near and dear to our spooky little hearts. There are also about 4 more films of the franchise so you can totally make this a Scream marathon, but the first one is the best! Also did you know Scream 5 will be out next year with the original cast? How freaking awesome!! I can't wait. so this one is available now on Amazon Prime so you can stream it even faster no shipping required. 

This movie brings all the Fall and Witchy vibes for the Season. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are excellent in this film and two sisters who rely on magic spells to find love while all kinds of spooky chaos and fun surrounds them. It's such a must have for Spooky Season and for any of us witchy dreamers out there. 

If you love gore combined with super creepy games, Saw is a must have Halloween favorite. I was able to find the 8 DVD collection for you so you can literally watch all of the Saw films and have an awesome spooky night in! Saw will definitely keep you guessing who is behind all of the creepy torturous games and there are so many crazy unexpected twists it just makes for an awesome collection of spooky films. 

                                                                  HOCUS POCUS


Hocus Pocus is a Halloween classic that kids and adults will love. If you love witchy vibes and all the Fall feels, this movie is a classic Halloween must watch. This movie delivers major Halloween vibes but it's also hilarious. 

Ok Beetlejuice is a number one in my top picks for Halloween Films. This movie is everything and then some it has major spooky vibes but also super funny and some really cool effects. Also if you love a spooky goth babe moment, Winona Ryder delivers!! Beetlejuice is a must watch!! 

This movie seriously creeped me out and it has become a favorite of mine, not only for Halloween but literally all the time. I will never get tired of watching Get Out. I think it's because the storyline is just so different and it delivers a different kind of scary concept that is not seen in many horror movies. This movie is simply Thriller gold. If you love a good thriller as much as I do, trust me when I tell you, you need this movie in your collection. 

I can't say this enough, Split is an absolute masterpiece by M. Night Shyamalan and James McAvoy does an amazing job in portraying the multiple personalities and characters in this film. This is a brilliant and awesome new concept that also touches on mental health and more and I know you will love every minute of this mind bending thriller. 

So Vacancy has got to be the number one slept on movie in the history of ever. This movie is freaking amazing if you love super creepy thrillers and legit scary films. It's an older movie but the storyline is so good and it's so realistic that you can't help but get creeped out watching this film. Absolutely hands down recommend this film. 

I hope you enjoyed my top 8 Spooky Season Films that are actually awesome list and I hope you love them as much as I do. I hope you have an amazing Halloween and enjoy all of these awesome films! Stay Spooky Babes